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The Rave! Robert's new Thriller- BLACK WATER, the China Connection


A fast-paced cloak-and-dagger type covert ops story with plenty of action. Every bit as good as aTom Clancy thriller. Enjoy!

Tightly written, expertly paced and action-packed, Black Water is a high octane ride. A taut, tense plot coupled with a lot of suspense and some edge-of-your-seat plot twists offers a real page turner in this highly engaging sequel to Danger Close... Think Red Dawnmeets Clear and Present Danger meets Captain Americanmeets Top Gun: Maverick.

REVIEWED BY Kristine L. Library Board Member. Over 850 published reviews. Discovery

"Black Water, The China Connection is an intriguing story written by the author Robert J. Saniscalchi. The main character of the story is Jason Patrick and there is a newly-elected president in America. In spite of the increasing tensions between America and China, the President wasn't concerned.

This gave China the opportunity to take action on their Black Water Project. America has been in power for years. China's goal is to become the world's dominant power now. Read this story to know what will happen next. I enjoyed every bit of this book and couldn't put it down until I finished it. The storyline is powerful, and this story kept me on the edge of my seat. The cover photo is nice and the language used in the book is lucid. I am definitely interested in reading more books by the author." Sassy Reviews

"Black Water, the China Connection emerges as the latest novel from the talented Robert J. Saniscalchi, who continues to establish his name in the dynamic sphere of military fiction. This thrilling narrative shadows Jason Patrick and his formidable Delta Force team as they rise against an ominous threat to America. Saniscalchi adeptly encapsulates the brotherhood shared amongst Patrick's Delta Force team.

The action sequences are meticulously choreographed, reflecting Saniscalchi's robust command over military operations. Readers acquainted with military fiction over the past two decades will find familiarity. Black Water" is a captivating and accessible read, promising an engaging journey. The path to victory, however, remains an enjoyable and suspenseful exploration." A Review,Literary Titan

"Black Water, the China Connection is a military thriller by Robert J Saniscalchi. I thought the story could have been taken from today's news. China is planning on a terrorist attack on the water in the US. I found the story to be fast paced and realistic. The characters are well written and I thought the author showed an understanding of military operations. Black Water is an excellent book. I received an arc for free and am leaving my review voluntarily." Delphia Von Reader, Goodreads

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